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  • Entrance ticket: Two in one: Orsa Predator Park and Santaworld 25/6-14/8

Entrance ticket: Two in one: Orsa Predator Park and Santaworld 25/6-14/8

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Visit both Orsa Predator Park and Santaworld in Gesunda during Your stay! Reduced entrance ticket!

Orsa Predator Park is Europe's largest predator park of 325 000 square meters and is located in Grönklitt. This is no ordinary zoo, but a unique opportunity to watch animals in their natural environment. Here live bears, wolves, lynx, fox, eagle owl and wolverine side by side. In the park you will find about 10 brown bears. You'll also find our peaceful giants, Kamchatka Bears - Peter the Great and his sister Sophia. At Tiger Mountain reigns our Amurtigrar (popularly known as Siberian tigers). Polar World is the world's largest polar bear facility, you can see polar bears in a unique facility. The Leopard Centre, one of Europe's largest leopard plants, there are Persian leopards and snow leopards.

A real wonderland that is beautifully framed in nature of Gesunda just outside Mora. Here, among the forests, lakes and waterfalls are Santa's little village and many other mysterious places that you visited so far only in fairytales. But this is all for real and anything can happen. Trolls lurking in the forests, the Witch loves to play with the children. Do not forget Your wish-list to Santa Claus! Him, you will surely come across during your visit. Hold someone´s hand and step into a world of imagination and magic!


Orsa Predator Park
20/6 - 28/8 Daily 10 am - 5 pm. Latest entrance 60 minutes before closing.

25/6 - 14/8 Daily 10 am - 4 pm.

Valid for one entrance to the Orsa Predator Park and one entrance to Santaworld.
Valid 2 Days during the summerseason 2016. Leave the voucher at the entrance.

Distance between Orsa Predator park and Santaworld: approx 40 km.
Car is necessary for transportation between the themeparks.

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